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RentRiders® is a Portuguese rental company born in 2016, with a local agency in Lisbon, located in a very central area, well served by public transports, between “Saldanha” and “Largo de Dona Estefânia”, and also close to “Marquês de Pombal”.

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The always agile and economical SYM ORBIT III 50i CC. The most dynamic and also very economical HONDA VISION 110i CC, HONDA SH Mode 125CC TOP CASE and HONDA SH 125i ABS TOP CASE. The most nervous and sporty HONDA ADV 350i ABS.

The most comfortable and powerful for mixed circuits between town and country HONDA CB500X. The most powerful and historical with the Italian blood MOTO GUZZI V7 II Special 750i CC and the nervous but comfortable YAMAHA TRACER 900GT.

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If you are more adventurous, head to Cascais along the Tagus River on one of our bikes. If you think it may be to far, just explore inside Lisbon, like Baixa or even Torre de Belém, it’s interesting enough. It will be good for your health!

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